False Floors

Raising Efficiency, Lowering Clutter – Van False Floors Done Right!

Optimized Storage

 A false floor creates an additional storage space in your van, effectively doubling your storage capacity. This is especially useful for tradespeople, contractors, or anyone who needs to carry tools, equipment, or goods. It helps keep your cargo organized and easily accessible..

Enhanced Security

By concealing valuable items beneath the false floor, you can deter potential thieves. It's a discreet way to protect your tools and equipment from theft and vandalism, as they won't be visible from outside the vehicle.

Improved Safety

A well-designed false floor can help distribute weight more evenly in your van, which can improve stability and handling while driving. This is particularly important if you frequently carry heavy loads, as it can reduce the risk of accidents and make your journeys safer.


 False floors are highly customizable to fit your specific needs. You can design them to accommodate various cargo sizes and shapes, including drawers, compartments, or removable panels. This flexibility allows you to tailor the false floor to your exact requirements, making it a versatile addition to your van.

Don't forget we do full mobile workshop conversions as well!

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