Your Van, Your Way

On size does not fit all at Bad Monkey Conversions … we have something to suit every vehicle, needs and specifics.

Bored of going to workshops and having your vision changed because "it won't work" or "we don't really do that kind of thing"?

Then look no further, Bad Monkey Conversions knows the feeling all too well as fellow construction workers we know how frustrating it can be, which is why our business thinks outside the box.

We cater for individual vehicles, so that the sizes are specific to your van and that the product fits in all the right places as it is made to consider all aspects such as wheel arches and tight edges. 

You can check out our vehicle selector on our website, which will show you all the products suitable for your car or van.

Everything is made to order which means that we can customise all our products to suit the sizes you need, a little bit wider or some extra height we have you covered!

These bespoke products help to convert your ideas into a reality, by adapting sizes we can utilise spaces in your van without taking any room away from you.

Making the impossible possible with a less faff and more function mentality.

And it all looks the part whilst doing so, all our product line is made with polypropylene with a detailed and smooth finish but you can have your say over the final touches.

Dividers for drawers, to extra shelves in your van racking and with 4 styles of shelving you're spoilt for choice.

Side pods can be added to our drawer systems and our false floors can be made to your requirements. 

Have a look at our website or get in touch and see what vision we can create for your van. 

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