Protect you and your Van

Protect you and your Van

As a company of tradesmen, all with previous experience of being on the road in a van we know the problems you will be facing and the impact they can have.

How often are you telling yourself that you will sort that out, but you never seem to find the time …

These ‘small’ problems could be posing as a daily threat to you and result in a dangerous consequence.

Here at Bad Monkey Conversions, we pride ourselves on creating solutions to your problems.

There is no bigger distraction than the sound of metal tools or rattling boxes, you know the sound we’re talking about, and we know it drives you insane.

That noise won’t stop, you’ll be dealing with it for hours, everyday partnered with the constant reaching round or looking over your shoulder to see what’s fallen now.

It only takes one incident where this distraction will cause an accident.

You may feel as though you have no space in your van to create storage but without this, loose tools, supplies, and paperwork are scattered around the floor which you’re constantly having to step over when frantically searching for that one item you need, costing you time and money.

The simple process of organising your belongings makes a more comfortable journey as everything is well secured which means you arrive relaxed and ready to tackle the job at hand.

Our easy storage solutions that are made to suit your vehicles space, will help you to SAVE money.

Gone are the days of replacing items that have been ‘misplaced’ or broken due to previous poor storage.

Bad Monkey Conversions range of van racking, drawer systems and false floors are the answer to your problems.

These sturdy systems are designed to provide an organised space for your equipment that is secured in your van to keep you and your supplies safe whilst adding a level of versatility to your vehicle.

Ideal for those with limited room in their van, all products provide an abundance of space you never knew had by utilising its space and not taking any away from you.

Our designated storage units are a must to prevent loose items causing both a serious and expensive accident, stay safe on the roads and INVEST in solutions.

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