Polypropylene Benefits

Polypropylene Benefits

Bad Monkey Conversions has created a new, modular design of van racking specifically designed to provide your van with a flexible storage solution guaranteed to keep your tools safely in place and creating a better working vehicle for your business all whilst saving you money.

Fuel Efficient

 Bad Monkey Conversions uses polypropylene for many reasons, but the main priority is that it is a light lifting material that will decrease the weight of your van and you'll be saving money and fuel in no time!

 Wood and steel based storage systems are weighing your vehicle down for no reason.

 Our polypropylene van racking will significantly decrease the weight of your van by 1-2% and could save you £0.03-0.05 per gallon, that soon adds up doing all the miles that you do.

 Installing racking into your van shows that you are committed to taking care of your van and this has proven to reduce insurance premiums by 10% - what are you waiting for?

The Right Material

 Materials are key to products, ply and wood can be a cheap and quick solution but both need to be replaced sooner than later due to the water damage and staining which causes significant wear and tear.

Through the use of 6mm polypropylene we have designed and built a strong and sturdy model that is both water and chemical resistant which proves to be a long-lasting investment compared the more conventional options.

The chemical and water-resistant features of our material prevents our racking from rust or delamination making it a long term investment.

Saving you Money

Our modular van racking is a cost-effective solution for organising the tools and equipment you require in your van every day in a safe and secure way.

This easy storage solution will help you to SAVE money, no more replacing items that have been broken on the road.

Brand Awareness

Are you van proud or would you be embarrassed at the thought of a customer looking into the back of your work van?

How about that run down wooden van racking hanging off the door of your van, water damaged from the many damp days opening your van. The disappointed look on your customers face could do more damage to your business than you think.

The simple answer is to use our van racking unit that will both store your supplies to prevent a mess in the back of your van and look the part whilst doing so.

Safety on the Road

Metal vans full of metal tools or rattling boxes are quick to create a noise that could drive anyone insane. And if your van makes noise, it doesn’t let up. You’ll be dealing with it for hours a day, every day, until you find a solution.

This rattling is most likely caused from materials and tools falling over and sliding around the back of your van, how often have you took your eye off the road to look over your shoulder or pick something up?

It’s a scary thought but it only takes one incident where you were distracted to cause an accident.

Our van racking provides the perfect storage to keep your endless supplies safely stowed away when on the road.

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