Fuel Efficient with Bad Monkey Conversions

Fuel Efficient with Bad Monkey Conversions

As fellow workers on the road we know how the cost of fuel could be hitting you and your business and here's how our products can help lower your costs.

Unfortunately we don't know a secret that will get you cheaper fuel but we do know that you could be unnecessarily weighing your vehicle down. 

Decreasing the weight of your van by 1-2% could save you £0.03-0.05 per gallon.

Think of your van and what you're carrying round everyday, all these daily essentials that we can't go to work without but how are you storing them?

By using wood or steel based storage systems you are weighing your vehicle down, and there is no reason for this.

Bad Monkey Conversions uses polypropylene for many reasons  but the main priority is that it is a light lifting material that will decrease the weight of your van and you'll be saving money and fuel in no time!

Our range of storage systems also help you to organise your van which allows the weight to be accordingly distributed. 

Attributes such as a false floor help to position larger, heavier items at the floor of the van which is where the majority of the weight should be carried.

The brand new van racking system is attached to the van walls or doors if you'd prefer, which makes use of the space that is already there.

Therefore, you are mounting the weight on to existing features which helps to proportionate the load. 

Drawer systems are ideal for putting a range of tools in and by bulking them in one are you don't have to have loose boxes scattered around your van.

All our systems are to provide less faff and more function.

Have a look for yourself on our website!

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