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Essentials to survive Easter weekend  

With Easter and bank holidays just around the corner there is no better excuse for a staycation in your van, but have you got everything you NEED?

Nothing is more daunting than making sure you have all theright equipment for a trip away in your portable home, here at Bad MonkeyConversions we can make your life easier and solve all your worries aboutstoring those endless supplies!


Starting from £700, our durable drawers are the answer ifyou're struggling with organisation in your van.

Once you have arranged your system it is there to staymaking your trip away that little bit easier and whole lot less stressful asyou know where everything is.

These are also ideal for the spontaneous ones among us asthey save time, instead of having to pack up your essentials they're alreadywhere they should be, safely secured in your drawers.


The simple process of organising your belongings intoracking makes a more comfortable journey as everything is well secured whichmeans you arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy your trip away as you haven’t hadto travel with all your essentials nosily rolling around the back of your van.

This easy storage solution will help you to SAVE money, nomore replacing items that have been ‘misplaced’, broken or forgotten on a tripdue to previous poor storage. 

From £120 what are you waiting for?


Our £595 sliding trays are sliding trays are designed to addanother level of versatility to your vehicle.

Ideal for those with limited room in their van, thisdiscrete and lightweight model helps to provide an abundance of space you neverknew you had.

All our products prioritise your safety on the roads. Thesestrong and sturdy products help to provide a designated storage unit to preventloose supplies causing both a dangerous and expensive accident which can happenall too easily.


For those with a companion on the road we offer a range ofsmall, medium and large dog boxes at £425 to £650 to help make your journeymore comfortable for both you and your pet.

Now that it is a legal requirement to have your dogrestrained in your vehicle save yourself the risk and invest in one our easyclean, water-resistant boxes proven to keep your dog calmer duringtransportation.

In a matter of minutes with a few simple clicks you canupgrade your van with these MUST HAVE convenient products.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch andwe WILL have the answer 


Blue Roll Dispenser
Citroen Berlingo Drawers
Citroen Berlingo False Floor