Downfalls of no Storage

Downfalls of no Storage

Whilst our storage systems look the part, this is not about keeping up appearances - badly loaded vehicles can be the difference between life and death.

Think about what is in the back of a typical van heavy tools, equipments, the odd bits and bobs that just get chucked in - do they all have a safe storage space?

That doesn't just mean being tucked away somewhere, they need to be safely stowed in a system designed to provide a storage space.

In a collision at 31mph, a 200g screwdriver is fired forwards towards the driver with a force of 8kg, so imagine that 100kg of equipment who have, this soon turns into a weight of almsot four tonnes which doesn't bare thinking about in the event of a crash.

The answer? ALL loads should be secured and equipment stored away in a compartment you can trust!

 Van Racking

Our modular van racking is a perfect solution working on the go, whilst providing a home to all your tools.

With layered shelves you have an abudance of tools to store all those essential tools that you need to be accessible when working.

These shelves come with a lip to hold your supplies and prevent them from falling out when driving.

Boxes can be added to the racking to add an extra level of security.

When bolted to the van, this system helps to keep all things in order.



Our single and double drawers are great for keeping smaller items or equipment that would rattle and fall securely stored, dividers can be added to increase the level of organisation.

All drawers are built with a sturdy lock and key system, as a place to keep more expensive tools and deter preying eyes. This can also act as a safety element as dangerous tools can be kept here, with only yourself being able to gain access.

Drawers can be bolted down to your vehicel floor to prevent any movement, when locked these drawers won't be able to open which will stop any tools from in her causing a danger.

False Floors

If your work includes a range of bigger and heavier tools, a false floor is the answer to your prayers.

Using space that is already there uses the potential of the van and provides a safe way of stowing larger items that can cause accidents.

Our floor provides a space for ladders and piping, heavy materials that can cause devasting consequences when strapped down underneath a false floor you're limiting this serious health and safety risk.

Prioritise your safety and invest in your van storage before you reget it.

All our products can be bespoke made, ensuring that we can work with the space your vehicle has and maximise that space to its best potential.

We use polypropylene for our products for a number of reasons, from its water and chemical resistant feature to creating a light lifting product to be more fuel efficient it's the best in the business.

Take a look at our website or get in touch to see how we can protect you, your van and other drivers on the road.


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