Calling all Builders

Calling all Builders

We all know how a bad day at work can affect us, so what if we told you that we can step in and make it a whole lot easier?

As a business we listen to our customers and your daily problems but most importantly we make solutions.

The most common issue among builders seems to be the tight deadlines you are facing and being forced to work on schedule because time is money and being behind time, late to your customers is no money.

What is slowing you down?

That 10 minutes at every job rooting around your van, turning it upside down just to find that one screw or that essential toolbox is costing you time and money!

Not only that but you look so unprofessional to your customers watching you get flustered, and it doesn’t set a good tone for the work you are about to do.

Our drawer systems are a great place to keep those smaller tools and dividers can be added to keep that as an organised unit which helps to separate different tools making them easily accessible.

Similarly, equipment maintenance and replacement are a huge issue always caused by this untidy work van.

Supplies being unsecured and thrown around whilst you’re on the road only causes them to go missing and get damaged and these small £5 here £10 there on replacements soon add up.

Our use of modern materials such as our recent change to polypropylene for our van racking helps to create durable set ups that will last their time with their rust and waterproof features all whilst providing a protective unit for your current tools.

For all those bigger materials that will cause a serious accident when rolling around your van then a false floor will take this worry away by safely stowing these items in a space that is easy for you to carry these heavier pieces from.

And we don’t dare to mention the dreaded word of paperwork as that’s a whole different headache when that goes walkabouts and can result in a costly fine.

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