Bad Monkey Conversion guide to getting the most out of your Van

Bad Monkey Conversion guide to getting the most out of your Van

A long day at work and looking at the back of your van wishing it would organise itself and deciding its a job for tomorrow but tomorrow never comes, well you're not alone.

If you are nodding your head in agreement, we know how important your van is from being a mobile workspace to a tool shed to even somewhere for five minutes peace and quiet. Being such an important part of your working life, it is essential that you use your space to it's best potential.

With a variety of tools and equipment needed daily it can be a task to find storage that will fit and hold all your tools safely and efficiently.

Which is where Bad Monkey Conversions comes to the rescue, as experts of polypropylene storage systems we can make the impossible, possible.

Our brand new, modular van racking is a perfect solution for making working on the go that much easier.

As many shelves as you need can be added, at your required depth and styling ensuring they can hold whatever it is you need them to. The beauty of shelves means that everything is accessible, you can put all your must have essentials here so that you can go to a job and not waste 5 minutes searching. 

Saving time and money by investing in storage.

Our single and double drawers are great for keeping smaller items or equipment that would rattle and fall securely stored, dividers can be added to increase the level of organisation.

All drawers are built with a sturdy lock and key system, as a place to keep more expensive tools and deter preying eyes. This can also act as a safety element as dangerous tools can be kept here, with only yourself being able to gain access.

If your work includes a range of bigger and heavier tools, a false floor is the answer to your prayers.

Using space that is already there uses the potential of the van and provides a safe way of stowing larger items that can cause accidents.

A false floor also creates easy access for items such as ladders and piping for when arriving at jobs.

Less faff and more function!

All our products can be bespoke made, ensuring that we can work with the space your vehicle has and maximise that space to its best potential.

As we've already said we are polypropylene geeks and use this for a number of reasons, from its water and chemical resistant feature to creating alight lifting product to be more fuel efficient we can't get enough!

Take a look at our website or get in touch to see how we can help you and your van today!

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