All the Small Things

All the Small Things

We have launched a range of small storage systems to create a practical product line of smaller items that will bring less faff and more function to your life in your van.

All items listed are ideal to use in your vehicles and work vans to create a mobile system that keeps you organised, secure and efficient on the road.

We listened to our customers and we know affordability is crucial right now, so bearing that in mind we have got a range for you from just £5 to £20 with some exclusive deals along the way.

 Starting at JUST £5

 An angled storage box - designed to squeeze into any spaces you have to work with, paired with a tall side and sturdy base to ensure a grounded product that will keep your belongings safe. Perfect for keeping paperwork and documents that you need in one area, so you know where to go when you need them.

 A slimline storage box - providing you with an abundance of length and depth, that you can attach to your vehicle or use on its own. An open top to make it easy accessible, ideal for storing on vehicle doors for items you use daily.

5 for £20 is available on both boxes.

Less Faff, More Function

These two products are bound to add ease into your life, by having essentials such as blue roll and wipes in one area, they are easy to get to, help to maintain sanitisation and makes it easier to keep an eye on when you run low on these things.

Glove/tissue/wipe Holder: £10

Blue Roll Holder: £15

A perfect addition to work vans such as builders and plumbers etc. when you need to clean up and prevent mess.

Calling all Workers…

Turn your disorganised van into a mobile workspace in seconds!

With cans and sealants being a key tool in your life, it is wise to keep them stored safely to save yourself wasting money on replacing them and time spent at jobs looking for them.

Spray Can Holder: £15

Silicon Holder: £15

To order yours today, email us at or get in touch via our social media page Bad Monkey Conversions.

All these products are available in black or white.

Bundles are available on request, saving you even more £


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